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At Saluda County 水 和 Sewer Authority, 我们致力于提供安全, high quality water services to our community, while maintaining a st和ard of excellence in customer service 和 environmental conservation.


SCWSA水 & Sewer 利率 to increase March 13, 2023

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If you need to dig in your yard (planting shrubbery, installing fencing, etc.), please be aware that we require you to call 811 to request line markings.  Once the order is received from 811, our technicians will go out to mark any lines that may be in the area you are planning to dig.  If you do not call, 和 you damage any lines, you will be held responsible for any repair bills.



Looking for the most convenient way to pay your bill?  We offer a wide variety of payment options to our customers.  SCWSA now offers an on-line bill payment service on this website!  Additional fees may apply for the on-line bill payment service.  网上服务. Simply choose the option that best suits your needs... 了解更多...

PLEASE DO NOT USE DOXO WEBSITES FOR PAYMENT: It has recently come to our attention that there is a website that can copy other websites 和 allow customers to pay their bills through Doxo.  而Doxo是一家合法的公司, it is not affiliated with Saluda County 水 和 Sewer Authority.  如果你通过Doxo付款, it could take 6 - 8 weeks before Saluda County 水 和 Sewer Authority receives a paper check from them.  Please check your url (website address at the top of the screen) 和 make sure it reads: www.coachingekaizen.com/bill-payment.  Any other url may be an unsupported payment website. 


On September 27, 2018, SCWSA received funding from USDA-RD for $15.2 Million to extend waterlines throughout the eastern part of Saluda County.  SCWSA held public meetings in October to encourage property owners to take advantage of this fantastic 和 rare opportunity.  In order to move to construction SCWSA is required to obtain 300 customers sign-ups.  SCWSA offered a reduced sign-up rate, typically $1540, down to $590.  While we have had lots of interest, sign-ups are underwhelming.  Currently we have about 100 sign-ups.  SCWSA has extended the reduced rate period to March 15, 2019.  After March 15th the rate will increase to $640 until September 1, 2019. In neighboring communities, water taps range between $2700 to $5000.  As we discussed at our public meeting in October, it is up to those that came to the meetings to get the word out to their neighbors.  SCWSA will be holding another public meeting on March 4, 2019, at the Circle Fire Department on the Traffic Circle at 7PM.  请参加!  SCWSA's construction schedule is now delayed due to lack of participation.  SCWSA is faced with either continuing to delay the project or returning federal funding 和 scaling back the project.  It is SCWSA's intention to provide everyone an opportunity to receive water.

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水 & Sewer rates will increase on March 13, 2023.  Please click the link below to see new rates. This schedule also shows previous increases as well as planned future increases.






The value of water is immeasurable.

Every October the water community reflects on 没有水的一天 to better educate, appreciate, 和 underst和 this incredible resource. The 水 Industry’s most important mission is to preserve 和 protect water for generations to come (both animal, 植物和人类世代!). 

For many, living without fresh flowing water is a stark reality. When water is unavailable, communities stop functioning. 水是用来做饭的, 洗澡, 环境卫生, 水合作用, 行业, 农业, 还有更多.